Karlsson & Björk at Flux Shop

During the Stockholm Design week Karlsson & Björk will show prototypes of a new series of chairs called WIP at Flux shop, tjärhovsgatan 14.

Inspired by post modernism and outdoor fashion the chairs shows something other than what we are used to when thinking of wooden chairs. Functional materials and upholstered details are combined with classic carpentry. All chairs are possible to buy as unique examples but also prototypes looking for a producer!

At the same time the shop will be filled with their own Twig lamps and hooks and their Ten to one project, ten signed tables and benches all made out of one reused dining table.

Karlsson & Björk is run by designers Mattias Karlsson and Erik Bjork. From the studio in Stockholm they work with projects in the field of design, interior and art. They produce limited series and unique pieces as well as design for producing companies.

Opening Wednesday February 8, kl 19.00.
Flux shop, Tjärhovsgatan 14 Stockholm

Flux shop