Earlier this year in Norrköping, Sweden the Bråvalla Festival organized by FKP Scorpio was held for the first time. Over 3 days the festival hosted a total of 51,190 visitors and 112 artists.

Together with artist Robert Karlsson and project manager Anders Grentzelius Karlsson & Björk was commissioned to design the main entrance, lounge areas as well as various visual experiences around the festival.

The festival site is a former military airport surrounded by fields. With one giant, airfield the possibility of heavy winds and lack of shelter where two facts which had to be taken into consideration. Short build times, a lifespan of 3 days and easy tear down where other key factors. To minimize waste the client also wanted as much as possible to be rented or reusable.


Norrköping is a seaport south of Stockholm. With the closeness to a port shipping containers made an outstanding material to work with in terms of building temporary architecture.

Other materials used included: IBC tanks originally used to keep water was used as giant cube shaped lamps, inflated dunnage bags became sofas and plywood clad euro pallets were used as tables and terraces.


Stacked as giant building blocks the containers primary function became to work as a 3 dimensional backdrop rather than to actually be used for their inside. Graphic works by artist Slobodan Zivic with different colour schemes  were hanged on the different volumes to make them easy to find and to use a meeting places for visitors.

Students at KSM were invited and given rented sky lifts, containers and lights as well as giant balloons as a working material. One of the lounges were used as a pop-up gallery displaying sculptures as well as an on going performance.


With a goal of selling 40,000 tickets the festival was a major success with 51,900 sold tickets.